Telephone System

The Reasons for Using a PABX System in Busy Offices


You always need to remember that time is gold or that it means money and there are lots of busy offices out there which cannot afford to ignore or drop calls of potential clients and existing ones. This is one good reason why the PABX system can be quite useful to them. This is actually a kind of that is highly specialized and this can make several phone calls in one time. Moreover, this is made with various functions too. There are also some systems which can handle hundreds of phone lines.


What is quite fantastic with the PABX is that such can answer the call automatically and transfer this to the concerned individual by letting the caller press a number on the keypad. What then happens is that the call is forwarded or placed on hold and some music is then played on the background. There are times that the advertisement messages of the company are being played as well. Also, there are other functions available with the PABX in case the line is not answered. The caller may just leave his or her message or contact details for the person that they are looking for.


In those busy offices, PABX System are certainly very handy. This is due to the reason that a lot of productivity is lost when answering phones, getting messages and also in deferring calls. You can still have a receptionist so that the front office company is able to greet the clients. Moreover, this can help with the front office duties rather than answering the phone calls all the time. Probably, you could get a receptionist to answer the phone and then place the calls through the concerned individual.


Know that other calls may also be put on hold until the receptionist can answer to them. Due to this, you could have a greeting message while the caller is still waiting and the receptionist may answer the call if one is already ready. Moreover, you may not go for a receptionist to answer the phone and you can actually get this whole process automated. If you do this, then when there is a call from someone, then one can simply listen to the recorded message which prompts the receiver to press a button. This is a fantastic option for the big companies. Know that it will be very easy for you to see the reason why the PABX is definitely a great pabx telephone system for busy companies out there.